About The Brand

In 1978, the Gianni Versace Company was launced with a women's wear collection in Milan under the name Gianni Versace Donna.

The Versace Myth

The Versace Myth is what makes the Versace name world famous. It is centered on the idea of a world of fashion, glamour, and sexiness. The myth dates back to 1978, when the brand was created.

Gianni Versace became world famous as an innovative fashion designer. He was essentially the architect of modern fashion's place in popular culture. He redefined what a fashion house was by combining fashion with Rock'N'Roll, art, celebrity, theatre, and ballet.

Sold through Versace stores, and through areas in selected multi-brand and department stores worldwide, the Versace is known internationally for its combination of glamour, elegance, and sophistication for men and women to look sharp and striking at all times.
Versace Eyewear is striking and design to combine technical innovation with stylish design. The frames are distinctive and, like many of Versace's accessories, often feature details taken from the graphic language of the house.

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